The Real World

Welcome, to ... "The Real World". It's finally happened! I've completed my schooling and am now working! It's great, though this transition has been pretty stressful. After graduating, I moved a lot of stuff to my new place and am still unpacking. At work, there's a lot of onboarding material to review such as policies, benefits, and team projects. I feel slightly overwhelmed by everything but I still feel ready to go but extremely tired by the end of the day. Maybe it's the student in me that still likes to get my work and still likes the stress.


The schedules are different too. As a student there is more time but at the same time there is a constant amount of stress because you have classes and deadlines that are generally within a week. At work there are still deadlines but at least for now, once I get home, I can relax a bit and do what I want to do. The only downside is that the time is chunked and thus I feel like all I want to do is relax when I get home rather than do side projects or anything that may require my brain to think. As a student the free time was spaced out such that I could have some time to relax and then other times could actually work on various other things. I will state now that I enjoyed student life a lot more but hated the stress it created. I love working life because the stress is actually exciting and motivating and not downers. Maybe that'll change once I get a performance review ...


Oh man, unpacking is such a pain, especially when I don't have much furniture. I have all these boxes everywhere and a table of random small things here and there. I feel tired at the end of the day that organizing seems to become stressful too! But I want to get it done and don't want to get it done at the same time. It's crazy!

New Beginnings

I'm extremely excited for this new chapter in my life though! I have a Master's degree but I don't feel any different. I've learned a lot but I don't feel different as I think learning will always happen! I'm so excited to explore new things and in my spare time work on side projects and have fun and actually hang out with friends more without worrying about projects or assignments or readings! Here's to new beginnings! My first fun event: Trapped in a Room with a Zombie with 6 other friends! Super excited :D

Apartment Hunting
Shower Heads

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