Shower Heads

After moving into a new apartment, I found that the shower head was really weak. The flow was so bad that instead of taking a 5-10 minute shower, I think I took a 30 minute shower just so I could wash off all the soap. After looking online, I decided maybe buying a new shower head would be good. That's where things got interesting ... I learned a lot of more real world lessons than in school.

The Wrench

First off, the old shower head was not an easy twist off with your hands kind of shower head. It was one of those that needed a wrench to twist off. I went to Target to buy one but only found toolsets and figured that a toolset with one would work because I would need tools in general. Perfect, I found a cheap $14 toolset that had 30 some tools and one of them was ... not a wrench. It came with an adjustable plier which I figured could work well too ... how wrong ... how wrong. Adjustable pliers work nicely but not for the shower head. Getting the proper grip and twisting wasn't easy because you had to squeeze at the same time. I didn't think this through and I was sorely beaten.

I finally got a wrench and the shower head popped off easily. Sadly some water spit out and I was sadly soaked a bit. Luckily, it was the evening so I could take a shower and not need to dry off!

Life Lesson: If you need a wrench, get a wrench.

The Shower Head

The reason I put this second is that my first real problem was that I needed a wrench to take off the shower head! I didn't even realize it that the old shower head couldn't be twited off nicely without tools. So not only did I make 2 trips to get the toolbox and then the actual wrench. I actually had 3 trips as the first one was to get the new shower head! Now that wasn't my only problem ...

I am ridiculously stupid. I didn't think through my purchases. I double checked that the product looked good but I never thought about the use case! I bought a shower head but it was a cheap one because I figured that I didn't need the fancy 8 mode massage shower heads with lights and sounds (just kidding on the lights and sounds). Apparently, it doesn't have any joint to adjust the angle to which the shower head points. Thus it was angled as the pipe and with my height and the shower being a standard shower room (not a bathtub), I found that it only hit from my chest and up.

Life Lesson: Try to think about the use case. Imagine actually setting up the product and then using it to see if you need any tools or if it actually fits the bill.


I am dumb. I really should be more thoughtful. I'll probably be hunting for a possible piece to make my shower head adjustable otherwise I'll have to buy a new one. Luckily, I may be able to use this shower head in the bathroom that has a bathtub since there will be more room so there may be no need to adjust it.

Have you ever had such a terrible reality check? Let me know, I'm interested!

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