Rails 4 Custom Configurations

Update: June 29, 2015: Added a clarifying example for MyApp name and a template on how the custom configuration would look like.
Was working on a Rails 4 side project when I realized that I should make a configuration file for a constant that I wanted. I knew there was a way to do configuration in Rails, but wasn't sure what best practices were so I looked it up. It turns out that as of Rails 4.2 there is now a configuration x namespace for you to provide your own custom configurations!

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RVM on OS X Mavericks

Ruby Version Manager (RVM) and OS X Mavericks can be painful. Though if you use Ruby then you should use RVM so hopefully this guide can help. There's a lot of issues with getting it to work. I am a course assistant for the Web Applications course at Stanford University and we have students install RVM, Ruby, and Rails and there have been so many issues that I thought I'd make a post. I can't guarantee that this will work but I've tested it many times for OS X Mavericks that I believe it should work!

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