Missed Jog

Well today was a failure. I missed a running day. It might be good since my ankle wasn't feeling well over the weekend to the point that walking would be painful. I think I've fully recovered though so I should definitely get back to running.

It was funny though, I had dreams of running in the morning. At least part of me was wanting to do it. Dreams are interesting, aren't they? I remember clearly in my dream getting out of bed and then running around the neighborhood. Unfortunately it was easy to tell that it was a dream because I didn't eat a quick breakfast nor did I brush my teeth which I always do in the morning. The crazy part was this dream happened 3 different times with 3 different scenarios, all very realistic.

Remember the following were dreams:

  • The first run was great, felt normal and a cool brisk air in the neighborhood.
  • The second run was interesting. It started raining, but my motivation was off the charts and I remember clearly thinking "Whatever, it's just rain." and pushing forward. The only odd part was that there was a lot of school bus traffic which I don't normally see.
  • The third run was almost normal. It started off the same as the first run with a cool brisk air and then suddenly there were snowflakes! I could hear Christmas music and I was wearing warmer clothing which I actually don't own. I enjoyed this one the most since I love Christmas time! But I definitely miss the snow from when I lived on the East Coast.

Well, hopefully I can run later today or maybe tomorrow in the morning. I need to keep healthy and lose weight! Cheers!

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