Rails 4 Custom Configurations

Update: June 29, 2015: Added a clarifying example for MyApp name and a template on how the custom configuration would look like.
Was working on a Rails 4 side project when I realized that I should make a configuration file for a constant that I wanted. I knew there was a way to do configuration in Rails, but wasn't sure what best practices were so I looked it up. It turns out that as of Rails 4.2 there is now a configuration x namespace for you to provide your own custom configurations!

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CGroups and No Space

I've been working with Control Groups recently to investigate a performance issue. I have not found a solution yet but will post again if that does happen! As for CGroups, I came across an issue that although simple if I just read the documentation, didn't seem obvious by the error:

[Errno 28] No space left on device

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Oh Gosh Javascript

Javascript is a funny language. I rarely find myself going "oh that makes sense" , but then again when I think about all the rules and structures of the language, it does make sense in that context ... Of course, I'm not justifying the language decisions, just that based on the design of the language, the outcomes make sense.

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Kindle Reader on Mac OS X Bug

I use Kindle heavily for reference books and normal books across many devices and for some reason, I always have issues with the Mac version of Kindle reader. For some reason my purchased books do not always appear in my library. These are the non-downloaded versions so I can't download them because I can't see them. I've found a fix that although can be annoying, works so far 100% of the time. All you have to do is go to Kindle > Preferences and then Deregister your account and re-register! Now all your books should appear in your library for you to download! I've had to do this a couple of times which is annoying but at least it works! Hope they fix this issue! Edit (June 27, 2014): Apparently, this happens on the Windows version too. You'll need to deregister as well and re-register to get all the books to appear again. Quite disappointing.

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