Separated Storyboards for Tab Bar Controllers

While working on an iOS project, I encountered the realization that a massive storyboard was a bad idea. It is simple and very easy to implement everything in one storyboard, but a large storyboard has many drawbacks such as being slow to load, it is difficult to get a complete picture of what is going on, and if you work with others it can be difficult to deal with version control. In this tutorial, I will discuss how I separated out the main storyboard into multiple ones and how to get it to work specifically with a TabBarController. At the end, I will discuss why I approached it the way I did and why I felt it was a good way to do it, feel free to correct me or suggest other ways as I am still learning Swift and iOS development!

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Adding a Segmented Control Programmatically

While learning iOS programming, it was interesting to try and figure out building a custom Segmented Control and programmatically adding it to a view. It gives an interesting experience to see how the pieces work together. Just a disclaimer, I am still learning Swift and iOS programming and these may not be the best practices but I hope it provides some interesting insights for others who are learning!

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