Things have gotten a lot busier in school. Longer grading periods, more reading, longer assignments, but I always make time for unwinding at least once a day. My main source of unwinding is playing Battlefield 4. If you play, this weekend there's actually a Double XP Boost going on for Player Appreciation Month, which by the way was only announced on Facebook and seems very odd that no official announcement was made on the actual Battlelog website. Anyways, although it is a fun game it can be stressful but in a good way ... until we get to the frustrations of it all. The game can be very buggy at times and it can get quite annoying when I'm just trying to have fun. I'm okay with the stresses generated by the gameplay of attacking an objective with enemies ready to swarm in and kill. I'm okay with the stresses of being shocked around a corner by a shotgun. But playing a game in which bugs introduce possible preceived unfairness is not okay. But then again when I think about how massive this game is with at least one server and near 64 or more participants, I am inspired by how such a game even functions to begin with!

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