A New Beginning

This month has been really crazy. Finally moved in with my girlfriend and have most everything unpacked. She still has a lot to unpack but she's waiting as there are a ton of other things still to be moved up. We have a sofa arriving this weekend too and man does it feel nice. I've also gotten sick which has sucked a whole week out of my life. Actually more but it's also sucked 2-3 weeks of my girlfriend's life.

It's been good though! We're excited to finally start this new chapter in our life and we can't wait to finish furnishing the apartment. We also need to get back into our normal routine again as being sick and unpacking has taken a lot out of us! Can't wait but *cheers* to a new beginning!

I'm also excited as in the next few months we'll be getting a new TV and I'll be building a new computer. Nothing too fancy as I don't have that much saved for all these purchases but at least I'm not burning my life's savings on all this stuff.

I also really want to get back into my learning routine and gaming. So here's also to getting into the real world and building a life! *cheers*. Also here's to me getting better! Can't wait to be fully healthy again!

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