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Just finished making some simple updates to my blog, if you haven't noticed! I learned a bit more about the Jekyll process and having plugins with GitHub pages. It's a fairly easy task to do, never realized it was so easy! I learned the process from David Ensinger's website which is really nicely done and since he uses GitHub as well, it was cool to read the code and see what was created!

I simplified his code for my usage as I don't need everything. You can read his post (which is really helpful) if you're interested as well. I also ended up simplifying his code for generating category and tag index pages for my use. I don't really care for categories so I just made it for tags. I also added a tag cloud page so that one could view all the tags that I've used.

Hopefully this will continue to motivate me to write more and type up tutorials and helpful tips and such. I actually want to start recording down a lot of what I do or think. It'd be awesome to even have discussions with people on the subjects after writing out my thoughts!

That's all for now, I'll probably start posting more stuff in the coming weeks as I'll be transitioning from student life to the "Real World" soon! I'm very excited!

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