Almost There

Beginning of this year my friends and I tried to run on a regular basis. Originally our plan was to run in the morning on specific days and for the most part we did pretty well. We were on schedule and then work would just hit us all that waking up in the mornings became difficult or pretty much impossible. We've since given up scheduling it but I've maintained trying to exercise at a more consistent schedule so I'd call on them on the days I felt I could run and generally speaking at least one would be able to join. I'm pleased to share that even though we didn't run consistently, I've been getting into a better groove and I think that's the most important thing. I still haven't reached my goal of running 5 miles non-stop by the time I graduate in June but I'm almost there!

I could probably do 5 miles if I really put my mind to it but I want to continue to work toward it rather than trying to kill myself. The goal isn't just to run 5 miles but to be able to stay at that caliber. Ideally I would love to be able to run the 5 miles with an average pace below 10 minutes per mile but I think that will take a while.

My current record is a 3 mile run with an average pace a little above 10 minutes per mile and although I was completely dying at the end, I was able to run the whole way without walking. I did have slower moments but never went below an 11 minute mile pace (at least according to RunKeeper). I'm extremely happy that I can push myself even when I feel like giving up completely. The past few runs have been pushing the boundaries of what I have done and what I could handle and the moments before reaching the milestone the following thoughts go through my head:

  • I seriously cannot do this. I'm about to collapse.
  • I can do this, just get to the starting point and you're done!
  • I really want to be fit and healthy, I cannot be lazy. I cannot lose.
  • Oh god, why. Why am I doing this to myself! THE PAIN!
  • This isn't so bad ... just kidding cry inside.
  • Can I have a six pack already?
  • I should sleep.

Now, although mentally I'm there, I must say there is a good amount of support! My friends and my girlfriend are motivators; they don't necessarily need to say anything. My friends who run with me keep motivating me because they stay ahead of me and continue to tell me that I can do it! Also at the same time, I feel extremely bad for lagging behind them so I at least keep trying to push forward. Especially at intersections, I don't want cars to have to wait twice: once for my friends to cross and once for my lagging butt. So I'm eternally thankful that they are able to run with me! My girlfriend motivates me through a ton of love, but I hope eventually she'll be right there next to me when I'm running, tehehe!

Anyways 3 miles of 5 miles. 2 more to go. Let's do this!

Always a Kid
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