Oh Gosh Javascript

Javascript is a funny language. I rarely find myself going "oh that makes sense" , but then again when I think about all the rules and structures of the language, it does make sense in that context ... Of course, I'm not justifying the language decisions, just that based on the design of the language, the outcomes make sense.

Recently I ran into the issue of an event handler that didn't exist even though it was clearly defined! An example of the code would be as such:

var div = document.getElementById(element_id),
    button = document.createElement("button");
button.innerHTML = "Click Me";
button.onclick = function (event) {

This is all fine and dandy and the event handler exists, but if we do something afterward like:

div.innerHTML += "<p>More text inside the div.</p>";

The event handler on the button disappears! This actually makes sense if you understand innerHTML. I actually didn't know about this and figured innerHTML was the structure and you could easily modify with appending, but I didn't think that it caused a reparsing of the elements on the page. In effect it is because the line becomes:

div.innerHTML = div.innerHTML + "<p>More text inside the div.</p>";

Therefore since the onclick event is defined in Javascript and doesn't carry over in the HTML then when a reparsing is done the event disappears.

Oh the mysteries of Javascript, how I have much to learn.

I felt really stupid afterward, but hopefully now you know or you just think I'm stupid too. Oh well, as long as I'm learning everyday!

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