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Just finished making some simple updates to my blog, if you haven't noticed! I learned a bit more about the Jekyll process and having plugins with GitHub pages. It's a fairly easy task to do, never realized it was so easy! I learned the process from David Ensinger's website which is really nicely done and since he uses GitHub as well, it was cool to read the code and see what was created!

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Almost There

Beginning of this year my friends and I tried to run on a regular basis. Originally our plan was to run in the morning on specific days and for the most part we did pretty well. We were on schedule and then work would just hit us all that waking up in the mornings became difficult or pretty much impossible. We've since given up scheduling it but I've maintained trying to exercise at a more consistent schedule so I'd call on them on the days I felt I could run and generally speaking at least one would be able to join. I'm pleased to share that even though we didn't run consistently, I've been getting into a better groove and I think that's the most important thing. I still haven't reached my goal of running 5 miles non-stop by the time I graduate in June but I'm almost there!

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Always a Kid

"Are you ready kids? Aye, aye, captain!" ... these words echo through my room every now and then when I'm eating a meal or preparing to go to bed. I don't know many "adults" who watch "Spongebob Squarepants", but I do know, this may not be normal. I don't even know how many actually know this but I'm pretty immature. I like to watch cartoons (two of my favorites are "Spongebob Squarepants" and "Phineas and Ferb") and by cartoons, I mean cartoons aimed at kids. I do watch other animated TV shows such as "Futurama", "Family Guy", "Archer", but those of course are for "mature" audiences. I think a good reason cartoons maintain a presence in my life is because of my little brother who is 14 years younger. Thus cartoons have pretty much dominated my life on TV. But one thing I know for sure, cartoons help me relax at the end of the day. I love normal TV shows but the suspense, the drama, etc, all make me want to think, imagine, and discuss. With cartoons, I pretty much just sit back, relax and let my mind go blank and consume the entertainment. It's quite frightening to think about. Maybe it's lowering my IQ every single time ...

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Another Day Passes

Another day passes by and I forget to write. Or more than just forget, I do not even think about writing. I really do want to actively write and have share things but it seems difficult to always find a subject to talk about, find the time to write, and get it done!

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RVM on OS X Mavericks

Ruby Version Manager (RVM) and OS X Mavericks can be painful. Though if you use Ruby then you should use RVM so hopefully this guide can help. There's a lot of issues with getting it to work. I am a course assistant for the Web Applications course at Stanford University and we have students install RVM, Ruby, and Rails and there have been so many issues that I thought I'd make a post. I can't guarantee that this will work but I've tested it many times for OS X Mavericks that I believe it should work!

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