Rails 4 Custom Configurations

Was working on a Rails 4 side project when I realized that I should make a configuration file for a constant that I wanted. I knew there was a way to do configuration in Rails, but wasn't sure what best practices were so I looked it up. It turns out that as of Rails 4.2 there is now a configuration x namespace for you to provide your own custom configurations! Continue reading →

Adding a Segmented Control Programmatically

While learning iOS programming, it was interesting to try and figure out building a custom Segmented Control and programmatically adding it to a view. It gives an interesting experience to see how the pieces work together. Just a disclaimer, I am still learning Swift and iOS programming and these may not be the best practices but I hope it provides some interesting insights for others who are learning! Continue reading →

Creating a Text View Border

I am currently learning Swift and iOS development and it is quite an interesting ride. There is so much out there that I pretty much feel like I have been thrown into the ocean. Anyways, I was learning Core Data and was trying to figure out how to have a text field be multiple lines for a "Notes" section on a To Do list application that I am using to learn. You need to use a Text View to have multiple lines. Unfortunately XCode doesn't include an easy way to change the border style! Continue reading →

Keynote Remote with Mac OS X

I've always liked the idea of using my iPhone as a remote control for PowerPoint presentations but have never found a good iOS application to do the trick. However, since I use a MacBook Pro as my work computer which now comes with Keynote, I've found that Keynote Remote works wonders! The iOS Keynote Remote isn't a separate application anymore though, it is now built into the iOS Keynote application. This tutorial will show you how to pair an iOS Keynote with your Mac OS X Keynote even without Internet access or when the WiFi network won't allow the pair to occur. Continue reading →

CGroups and No Space

I've been working with Control Groups recently to investigate a performance issue. I have not found a solution yet but will post again if that does happen! As for CGroups, I came across an issue that although simple if I just read the documentation, didn't seem obvious by the error:

[Errno 28] No space left on device
Continue reading →

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