Shower Heads

After moving into a new apartment, I found that the shower head was really weak. The flow was so bad that instead of taking a 5-10 minute shower, I think I took a 30 minute shower just so I could wash off all the soap. After looking online, I decided maybe buying a new shower head would be good. That's where things got interesting ... I learned a lot of more real world lessons than in school. Continue reading →

The Real World

Welcome, to ... "The Real World". It's finally happened! I've completed my schooling and am now working! It's great, though this transition has been pretty stressful. After graduating, I moved a lot of stuff to my new place and am still unpacking. At work, there's a lot of onboarding material to review such as policies, benefits, and team projects. I feel slightly overwhelmed by everything but I still feel ready to go but extremely tired by the end of the day. Maybe it's the student in me that still likes to get my work and still likes the stress. Continue reading →

Apartment Hunting

Apartment hunting can be stressful and a pain. I finished finding an apartment for the next chapter in my life and needless to say, there were a lot of questions that made the process so much easier! My girlfriend and I probably spent over 40+ hours looking online for apartments, making appointments, visiting, asking questions, looking around, and making decisions. And there were a lot of things to remember that even in retrospect we still had some questions that we wish had been answered right away. The best thing to do is always have a contact number or email address of someone in the leasing office so that in the worst case, you can contact them with more questions! Continue reading →

Site Updated with Tags

Just finished making some simple updates to my blog, if you haven't noticed! I learned a bit more about the Jekyll process and having plugins with GitHub pages. It's a fairly easy task to do, never realized it was so easy! I learned the process from David Ensinger's website which is really nicely done and since he uses GitHub as well, it was cool to read the code and see what was created! Continue reading →

Almost There

Beginning of this year my friends and I tried to run on a regular basis. Originally our plan was to run in the morning on specific days and for the most part we did pretty well. We were on schedule and then work would just hit us all that waking up in the mornings became difficult or pretty much impossible. We've since given up scheduling it but I've maintained trying to exercise at a more consistent schedule so I'd call on them on the days I felt I could run and generally speaking at least one would be able to join. I'm pleased to share that even though we didn't run consistently, I've been getting into a better groove and I think that's the most important thing. I still haven't reached my goal of running 5 miles non-stop by the time I graduate in June but I'm almost there! Continue reading →

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